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"...Wanted to let you know that, with your help, Bob and I have 23 new lifers!!! We really enjoyed out time in Hawaii. Right now it is snowing here... I guess, we came back too soon. Thanks again!"  Marjorie and Bob Schrader

"Dear Michael,
We want to thank you for our birding tour of Oahu. It was truly the highlight of our trip. Sincerely,
 Kim (October 25th Custom Birding Tour)

I just want to add my two cents worth and say that the birding trip was the highlight of our whole trip. I have been on many birding trips, but this one topped them all. When I get home, I will add up and tell you my total bird count. I did a lot of birding over in Scotland & England years ago. This was the best Birthday present ever. It was nice meeting you and sharing time with someone who loves birding as much as myself. Take care and good filming!!"  Gerry (Kim's Mom)

"... Waiting on the ridge of the mountain, we suddenly saw streaks fly into brush up the trail. Michael spotted them first: Oahu 'elepaios, brown flycatchers with a white rump and white markings on their wings, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. We stood quietly, watching the pair hop from branch to branch. Fewer than 2,000 such 'elepaios are estimated to remain on Earth, and these two endangered beauties seemed to be putting on a show for us..." read this article in the Miami Herald

"Aloha, Michael
Your photos are SPECTACULAR! Thanks so much for an unforgettable two days of birding! Our trips with you were the highlight of our visit to Oahu. We enjoyed getting to know you as much as we did the birds! What you and Oahu Nature Tours are doing is so important, not only for the preservation of natural species and habitat, but to the Aloha Spirit of the world. Thank you. Mahalo!" Susan and Jim (March 06th, 2006 Custom Birding Tour)

Thanks for a great tour yesterday. After checking my lifelist, we added 10 new species. I had fairy tern on my list (from Tahiti). On checking I found it is the same as the white tern. A very elegant bird with strange nesting habits! We also enjoyed your local history lessons. I always wish I had taken time to read up on the history before I go somewhere, but never seem to have done it. You more than made up for it. Off round the North coast today. Best wishes and thanks again." David and Barbara (Sept 16th, 2006 Custom Birding Tour)

"Hello Michael,
I just wanted to express my thanks for your patience in working with me to set up the bird tour. It was a great experience, and I saw lots of good birds and got a taste of the beauty of the islands. I would do it again and be happy to recommend it to anyone. Best wishes, "
 Mary Radford (Jan 17th, 2007 Custom Birding Tour)

My husband Don and I were in Honolulu in January and had an opportunity to take a tour led by Michael Walther—it was a wonderful experience! I will be returning to Honolulu to do another training and would like to arrange another birding outing. Thanks,"
 Kathy Stevens (Sept 08th, 2007 Custom Birding Tour)

"Dear Michael,
Joy and I are now back home in Australia after a great visit to our family in Michigan ... and after our magical visit to the Hawaiian Islands ... where we saw over 30 species of bird new to us ... thanks mainly to excellent guidance by your good self ... we are most grateful to you for your constant patience, perseverance and kind consideration during the birding outings. I particularly enjoyed the informed scientific discussions that we had. Kind regards and best wishes for 2008!"
 Des and Joy Jackson (Jan 13th, 2008 Custom Birding Tour)

"Hi Mike,
Thanks again for such an informative and productive, birding tour around Honolulu! Not only did you deliver great sightings, but also that wonderful sunny weather! Who would have thought all that delightful nature could co-exist with humans in such an urban setting! Though not a birder, Steve thoroughly enjoyed the tour too. Attached are the images Steve made of the “UFO-bird”, including the blurry (off-centered) ones - just in case they offer additional clues. We’ll be curious about the final identification. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do to assist you from Washington, DC. Thanks again!"
 Mary and Steven Peth (Feb 14th, 2008 Custom Birding Tour)

"Hi Michael!
Thanks again for the wonderful birding trip you took us on last Monday. We so wanted to thank you again for the delightful morning. Your time with us was, hands down, the most enjoyable part of our two weeks on Oahu. My mother has already picked out one of the tours we'll be taking next year with ONT - and we can't wait! Sincerely,"
 Lisa (and Keith) Short (Feb 25th, 2008 Custom Birding Tour)

"Thanks so much for a couple of outstanding days of birds, nature, geology, culture, and history! You are not only knowledgable, but also personable and engaging. Tanya is not easily impressed, but you won her over. We are VERY pleased with the experiences you offered. Thanks also for the google map. We are running over to Makapu'u Pt early tomorrow am. We will let you know how the rest of our trip goes. If it is as good as Oahu, we'll be in the cream! Mahalo nui!"  Tom and Tanya Smythe (April 7-8, 2014 Coastal and North Shore Birding Tour)

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