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"Incredible morning of birding" 
"On our honeymoon we spent a morning on the North Shore looking for birds. Seeing an albatross had been a dream of mine for most of my life and Oahu Nature Tours made it happen. Mandy, our guide, picked us up from the hotel. She was phenomenally knowledgeable and friendly and we wouldn't have achieved any of what we did without her. She found us the birds we were looking for and taught us a lot along the way, both about the birds and about the island. I'd really recommend this tour for two reasons. First, because it is personalised you can really see what you want, at your pace, and with a guide who'll help. Secondly, it is a great way of seeing more of a beautiful island than you can manage from a hotel in Honolulu without hiring a car. Fantastic experience and we'll be trying another of their tours if we can get back to Hawaii!"

"Fantastic endemic and endanger birds"
"Set up tour months ago to see rare and endemic birds of Oahu. Was told we would have to squeeze the four for our party into our rental plus guide, but super-Mandy showed up with a big van! We fit all of us and gear for a wonderful 7 am - 12 noon adventure, Mandy was a great bird guide, we found possibly the rarest bird we have ever seen, the Oahu Elepaio. She was so ethical and there are ethics standards for birders that not everyone follows! She showed us the bird and played the call by the van, then after nothing more for sounds from devices in the forest. There are probably less than 2000 Elepaio left on Oahu so seeing is super but not disturbing them is also very important. Mandy also gave us Michael's book on Oahu to take home, I read it the day after. I would highly recommend using this tour company. They have a great reservation website, lots of quick emails to respond to questions, super guides! Fantastic trip!"

"Great Birdwatching Tour"
"Professionnal Wildlife photographers from France, we booked one forest bird tour with Oahu Nature Tour to photograph endemics rare birds of Oahu Island. Michael planned everything very good, and Mandy lead a great tour. She is very knowledgeble about birds, their song, and where to find them in the middle of the forest trees. Thank you for this great experience. We will highly recommand this company for finding Oahu birds : we succeed to photograph the two endemics : Oahu Amakihi and Oahu Elepaio."

"4-hour bird watching tour"
"We recently did the coastal bird watching tour with Mandy. Our 7 year old is an avid bird enthusiast and the tiur did not disappoint. We saw 90% of birds from Hawaii in natural habitat and also got to sea some great countryside and hear some interesting facts about Hawaii. It was enjoyable and informal with a personal touch. Thoroughly recommend. "

"Birding Tour with Mandy"
"My parents and I went on the Oahu birding tour with Mandy. She was fantastic! She knew so much about all the birds on the island, as well as the trees, plants, mammals, etc. We were all blown away by both the depth and breadth of her knowledge. She was able to lend us binoculars since we didn't have any, gave us a check list, and quickly and easily spotted birds for us to find. We saw the Amakihi (native Hawaiian bird) pretty quickly and also some other new-to-me birds. Even though we didn't spot all the birds we hoped to, we saw a lot of birds we had never seen before, and we also were able to later spot birds we wouldn't have known if we hadn't taken the tour. Mandy was very kind and considerate. My parents are elderly, and she tried to adapt the tour to make it more doable for them. It was also just a really gorgeous, lovely tour because we got away from the densely populated city and up into the hills and into the forests. I really enjoyed trekking through the mud and up in the clean air. This birding tour was one of the main highlights of my trip. (The other highlight was snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.) I can't recommend this birding tour highly enough."

"Awesome Endemic Birding Tour"
"We took the "Oahu's Endemic Species Birding Adventure," which was a fantastic introduction to birding on Oahu. Our guide, Mandy, did a great job of figuring out our interests and birding style. She took us to a few roadside locations, where we saw Oahu Amakihi, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Japanese White-eye, Yellow-fronted Canary, Common Waxbill, Red-billed Leiothrix, and both Bulbuls species. We then headed for a short forest hike to see the Oahu Elepaio and the White-rumped Shama. We rounded out the tour with a few minutes of shore birding since we had some extra time. In addition to being a great guide for the morning, Mandy suggested a great hikes for us later where we were able to see the other Oahu honeycreeper as well as shore birds. I'd whole-heartedly recommend this tour to novice and experienced birders alike!"

"Endemic Birds"
"I was picked up at 7:00 AM by Mandy, my Tour Guide. Friendly and an Ornithologist, she drove us up to a ridge overlook of Honolulu. Good Bird sightings there. Then over to a trail, up a valley for a little hike. Elepaio, Waxbill, White eye and others were found. I enthusiastically recommend."

"Endemic Forest Birds Birding Tour with Mandy"
"Mandy was our guide and she was great. She took us to some great birding spots and we found the birds that I had hoped to see. We got great looks at two juvenile Oahu Elapaio. When I told her I had an interest in shorebirds she made time in our tour for a short stop at a nearby lagoon where she knew Pacific Golden-plovers (out of season in July) were. At the lagoon we also got Wandering Tattlers, Ruddy Turnstones and Hawaiian subspecies Black-knecked Stilts. She also gave me some tips for seeing other birds on the Island later in my trip. My cousins (both 17 year old boys) who are not birders had a great time on the tour. Mandy did a great job of explaining different aspects of birdwatching."

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